This page contains specific scenes between Jason Dawson and Alyssa Miller.

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Alyssa and Jason in NYC (feat Payton & Justin)Edit

Payton ; I got up as I heared rumbling and I sighed. There went my plan to sleep in. "Boys..." I wrapped my robe and looked at them. "What did I tell you guys... Hush. There's kids sleeping..."

Jason ; "Sorry... he dropped a box." I walked up to her and smiled. "Go back to bed... They'll be quiet." I kissed her and smiled. "I'll be right there..."

Payton ; I looked at him and smiled. "Yeah... in 5 hours maybe." I kissed his cheek and then walked on. "Hey... carefull with that... That kosted me a lot of money. And don't you dare touch the minibar..." I looked up when I heared a pair of high heels down the hall and I smiled. "Finally, some girlpower.." I said, when the doors opened. "Hi.. so good to see you again."

Alyssa ; "Totally... I missed you guys so much." I hugged Payton and looked down. "Well, someone else is excited."

Payton ; "Oh my god... Look at that... Hi there little one. I'm auntie Payton..."

Justin ; "I keep telling Alyssa he's going to be a runner." I said, while holding my other runner on my arm.

Payton ; "Justin!" I walked up to him and hugged him. I lifted up Damien and held him in the air. "Look at you, being a big boy."

Justin ; "Yeah, I think I grew an inch..." I smiled and walked up to Alyssa. "Sit down.. you just had a 4 hour flight..."

Alyssa ; I sighed and sat down on the couch. "I hope you guys don't mind.. We were on our way from Greece so..."

Payton ; "Not a problem... You should rest enough.. I kinda lost track, how far along are you now ?"

Alyssa ; "30 weeks." I looked at Justin and smiled. "This one here has made me promise no more internationals for the upcoming 10 months."

Jason ; "He's rightfull in that..." I said, as I kissed Alena's little head. "Goodmorning munchkin.. say hi to auntie Alyssa and uncle Justin."

Justin ; "Hey there little one. Well... Not so little anymore..." I smiled and got down in front of her. "How about I take you to our room and you can jump on our bed ? I promise I won't tell your mommy and daddy.."

Payton ; "Don't push it, Justin..."

Justin ; "I'm not pushing anything... We're the cool godparents, remember."

Jason ; "Don't remind us..."

Alyssa ; "So, how are things going here? Everything under control?"

Jason ; "Yeah." I nodded, then looking down at Payton. "We're going back home on Monday. It's been a bit of a crazy week, but Skye helped us out a lot so that made things a little easier."

Payton ; "We even got to have a datenight to go see a broadway show." I said, before I heard the baby cry in the other room. "I'm going to try and get her to sleep. But we're having dinner tonight, right?" I asked Alyssa.

Alyssa ; "Sure." I replied, then watching Payton walk off. I then looked at Jason and made my way onto the balcony. "Thank you. For agreeing to do this New York thing. You know I love the city, but Jade…"

Jason ; "I get it. When James passed away Seth had it rough too. We all did. It's important to be there for each other."

Alyssa ; I nodded and looked down at the people in the streets. From here on up they looked like ants. "I can't wait to get back home. No skyscrapers, no meetings with international vampire groups. No contracts for blood supply… Did you now the Russians started to charge an additional 20%?"

Jason ; I looked aside and sighed. "Yeah well, we've been doing good in the stock exchange so we can take it. I don't think we can risk another supplier now that the people are so big in numbers."

Alyssa ; I nodded and then put my head on his shoulder. "We're actually doing this aren't we?"

Jason ; "Yeah. We are."

That night the two families had dinner together where anything related to the Millers was not allowed as a subject. And so most of the night was about Claire and Seth, Phoebe, Liam and everyone back at home in Waterfall Creek. Payton and Jason got to see all those people again that Monday, after being gone for two weeks. Ten more days later, Alyssa and Justin arrived back home too, and from that point on started to prepare for the arrival of their second baby.

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