Alyssa and Claire
Nickname Clalyssa
Intimacy level Acquintances, Classmates, Friends, Best Friends.
Species Vampire and Witch
First met Unknown
Duration 2008-present
Status N/A

This is the relationship between Alyssa Miller and Claire Silverstone


Alyssa and Claire first met each other when they both attended the [[Dawson Charity Ball. Alyssa had been Seth's best friend for a really long time and she was anxious to meet the wonderfull Claire her best friend couldn't stop talking about. When she finally met the slightly nervous, but really cute girl, she immediately knew that they would get along very well. Claire on the other hand had to get used to Alyssa a little bit. She had no idea what to expect and she didn't want to trust strange vampires right away, but Alyssa seemed nice enough to Claire. 

When Alyssa helped out defeat one of their enemies Claire knew that she was to be trusted. So she gave her the benefit of the doubt and decided that she wanted to give this wonderfully dressed girl a chance. Although Claire was a little jealous of what Alyssa and Seth had, and of course of the fabulous lookes of Alyssa, she never let anyone knew that she felt that way. Alyssa left soon after that and Claire forgot about her. 

When Alyssa popped up again at prom she decided to go as the date of Justin Saphire, Claire's best friend. Claire knew that her friend would fall for this gorgeous girl in an instance, but she also knew that she would be the one breaking Justin's heart. And she wasn't too happy about it. Although she could talk about dresses and shoes really well with Alyssa, their relationship wasn't always the best. 

When Claire got kidnapped by Jared Carrington, Alyssa's father, the day after prom, Alyssa tried to help out as much as she could. She felt responsible for the fact that he came to Waterfall Creek, because she had left the Millers again. By that time she didn't knew he was her father yet. But right before they could get Claire out she left, because there was a chance that he would be the one taking her back to the Millers. 

Over the years Alyssa came and left Waterfall Creek and Claire connected to her more and more when they spend more time together. And when she started to notice that Alyssa might like Justin more than she originally would show, she decided that she would be the one bringing them together. So she started talking to Alyssa more and she discovered that she had more in common with the girly vampire than she had ever thought. They really had started to become friends and they shared their taste of fashion. 

When Alyssa moved to Portland with Payton, Claire felt a little left out. She missed her sister and now she had to miss one of her good friends too. So when Alyssa decided to spend her Senior Year at the high school Claire was over the moon. She knew it was because of Justin, but this gave her more time to spend time with her three most favourite people in the world. 

Claire left Waterfall Creek for a while to go study something fashion related, but with the intention to open her own store one day. When she finally was able to fullfill that dream, Alyssa was the first person that popped into her head. She wanted to do this with her. So they put up a clothingline together and Alyssa worked really hard in the store and really helped with giving the store its own image. 

By this time the relationship between Alyssa and Claire is so strong that you can say that they are more than best friends. Almost like sisters. 

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