Alyssa Miller
Biographical information
Full birthname Alyssa Katherine Miller
Also known as None
Titles None
Born 3rd of May 1813, The Alaska House
Turned 1836
Died 1836 (stabbed in bloodceremony, turned)
Miller Bloodline genocide (resurrected)
Age 21 (physical appearance)
203 (Season Six)
Occupation High School Student (2009-2010)
Co-owner of Down the Rabbit Hole (2011-present)
Shareholder at Decade
Leader of The Millers 2.0
Residence Portland Lofts (S2)
Alyssa's apartment (S3)
Wyoming apartment
Saphire house (S4 - S6)
The McKenzie Beachhouse (S6)
Saphire-Miller house (S6)
Supernatural information
Species Vampire
Bloodline Unknown
Abilities Power duplication
Miller amnesia
Family & Relationships
Parents May Miller (mother,deceased)
Jared Carrington (father,deceased)
Siblings Unknown
Relatives Jade Miller (sister)
Jason Dawson (paternal uncle)
Grace Miller (maternal aunt, deceased)
Liam Miller (maternal cousin)
Sexuality Straight
Relationships Matt O'Connell (former boyfriend, on/off sexual relationship)
Thomas Chamberlaine (Fling)
Grayson Fitzgerald (former secret boyfriend)
Justin Saphire (current long-time boyfriend,one child together)
Children Damien Saphire
Daphne Saphire
Unborn Child (deceased, miscarriage)
Physical description
Height 5'8"
Hair Color dark brown
Eye Color light brown
Portrayed By Crystal Reed
"My name is Alyssa Miller. I don't play by anyone's rules."
— Alyssa Miller, Bad Sometimes

 Alyssa Miller is one of the main characters in Touch of Magic. She is the daughter of May Miller and Jared Carrington. She is the older sister of Jade Miller and best friends with Jason and Seth Dawson.

On top of that she is the long-term girlfriend of Justin Saphire and the mother of their son, Damien . She co-owns Down the Rabbit Hole along with Claire Silverstone and has shares in the nightclub Decade owned by Jason.

She is a part of The Millers by birthright and founder of The Millers 2.0. She is also part of the Carrington family through her father and of the Saphire family by lineage through being Damien's mother, although the latter is not genetically correct.


Early lifeEdit

Alyssa's life was difficult even when she wasn't born yet. Her mother was a powerful vampire who used her power to get a hold on a fertility potion , to accomplish her wish of having children. This way Alyssa was conceived. Her father was suposed to be Jason Carrington, but that didn't happen. Instead Jason's brother Jared became her father.

Alyssa was born at distance from the rest of the Miller army. For the first 3 years of her life, nobody knew of her existence, and she was raised by caretakers. She first got introduced to the rest of the army at age four. Around that time, her father Jared visited and he learned he had a daughter. However because Alyssa's paternity wasn't sure, Jared didn't get too attached to the little girl. When May saw the army turning against her because of the privilege she had of having a child, she distanced herself and continued to let Alyssa be raised by caretakers.

Growing up, Alyssa had a different childhood. She was raised in the strongest army of the world, but her human flaws still pierced through every now and then (see: Alyssa's Vampirism). On top of that, there were plenty of people who wanted her dead because they were jealous of May. She had one guard in particular, Skye Moreno who kept her out of a lot of trouble. On her 22nd birthday , Alyssa was forced to feed on human blood and to change her diet that existed untill then only out of animal blood. Alyssa gave in to the temptation and drunk the blood of the local butcher's son who was also her friend. Ever since , she made the transition to a full vampire in terms of speed and other strenghts, but she still carries around some of her humanity. Quickly after that she decided to leave The Miller Compound and she went travelling all over the world.

On her travels, she met a group of vampires called The Dawsons. She joined them informally for a while and became friends with Jason and Seth. and Alyssa and Seth). She originally found Jason to be too quiet for her liking. But then she discovered he was very loyal, even to someone like her who wasn't part of their group. (see more: Alyssa and Jason) She also got along with Seth as she immediatly likes his humor and she admired his control over his vampirism. While learning German at Seth's tutoring, they became close friends. (See more : Alyssa and Seth)

Whe the group finds a bunch of young adults in an accident during one of Alyssa's 'dark times' in which she switches to human blood briefly, she saves the life of Dylan McKenzie and Alyson McKenzie. They are the only ones Alyssa was able to safe, and Alyson blames this on Alyssa. They have both attempted to resolve this dispute, but haven't been able to in the past 100+ years. This caused Alyssa to leave The Dawsons early on in Alyson and Dylan's transition into vampirism. When Jason asks her where she will go, Alyssa replies saying she is part of The Millers. She doesn't mention the fact that is the heir and May's daughter because she doesn't want her new friends to look at her differently.

After leaving the Dawsons, she spent a lot of time on the road mainly along with Matt O'Connel. Neither of them had a true position in The Millers causing them to both be outcasts which is how they found eachother. (See more : Alyssa and Matt)

In the 1980's, Alyssa up with Jason again and he reveals he has done a PCR-test after learning she was born the year he left the Millers. (see more: Alyssa and Jason) Alyssa is confused as to what it means, as she never knew who her father was because May has kept this hidden. Jason tells her they are related, and he reveals to her that her father is Jared Carrington, Jason's brother. Jason then also tells her he used to have a relationship with her mother, May, untill shortly before she was born. However Alyssa tells him that it doesn't matter, and the two remain close friends.

Season OneEdit

In Season One Alyssa is introduced as Seth and Jason's long term friend. In the beginning of the season Jason and Seth joke about what Alyssa would think of them living at a boarding school. Alyssa then helps them out from a distance by getting them a file on the mercenary, Dimitri Dobremov. Alyssa also calls Jason shortly after his birthday to check up on the arrival of his birthday surprise.

Alyssa bow and arrow

She makes her first appearance in the fall, after convincing her friends not to come look for her because she was on a mission. When on that mission, she finds out that an attack is planned on the Dawsons, she tries to warn them, but fails when she gets ambushed. Alyssa misses the charity ball which concerns Seth and Jason.

The Travellers show up the day afterwards. Alyssa arrives in the middle of the party after being subdued by Jean. She is able to help out in the fight, where the Dawsons are missing Alyson and Dylan who are on a hunting trip. Alyssa saves Claire's lives with a good aimed arrow shot. Seth and Jason try to convince her to stay, but the news that Alyson and Dylan are on their way back home makes her choose not to. Claire and Payton both ask questions about Alyssa, and her alliance to the Millers is revealed in her abscence. Alyssa isn't seen again for several months, although she keeps in touch with Jason and Seth.

She only arrives back in town in June, when she hears about Jason dating Payton which was something he hid from her. Alyssa shows up on prom night, and she agrees to go to prom, being matched with Justin. She briefly dances with him and then leaves again shortly afterwards. Later that night, a body is found attacked by a 'mountain lion', although Alyssa denies is was her and she storms out of the Dawson house.

Alyssa then finds Katie in the dorms, and she realizes Jared was the one who killed the body in the woods when Katie describes him. Alyssa, knowing Jared will come to finish the job, decides to fake Katie's death by increasing the amount of blood in the room from herself, and she takes Katie to her sister at the Anconi, which is the last place she knows Jared will look. She then goes to the Dawsons to tell them that Jared is in town, but when she arrives she finds out she is too late, because Jared kidnapped Claire.

Alyssa tries to convince James to let her lead the manhunt, and when James refuses to listen Alyssa reveals to him that Jared is her father, a secret she and Jason had kept hidden from the others. This allows her to lead the chase for Jared, and she and Dylan find him in a cabin with Claire. Alyssa fights him, but he overpowers her and Alyssa is hurt. Despite this, she gets to Claire as Dylan and Jared fight. Alyssa takes Claire out of the cabin and walks into the arms of Seth. When she returns to the cabin, Jared is gone and Dylan is dangerously impaled.

Alyssa is consumed by the guilt and once Claire and Dylan have returned to the Dawson house and are under Elisabeth's care, Alyssa makes plans to leave town. Justin arrives at the Dawson house where Payton called him to, but Alyssa tells him to forget about ever meeting her, and to forget about everything at the Dawson house. Justin then returns home and leaves on vacation with his parents, unknowing that Claire is in a coma.


Alyssa makes her first real appearance at the charity ball after she warned The Dawsons that The Travellers are on their way to town. Alyssa is presumed to have returned to the Millers when the time comes for the fight. Instead, she tells Matt to stop the car and she returns to the Dawson house, arriving in the middle of the battle and saving Claire's life. She briefly meets Claire after the fight, but then leaves again with Matt so she wouldn't agitate Alyson and Dylan.

She doesn't show up again untill the end of the school year, when she accidentally shows up at prom night. She relucanty agrees to go along with the teenage escapades of her two friends, and by chance gets matched up with Justin. However she stands Justin up after less then half a dance, once the amount of people at the venue overwhelms her.

She is on he way out of town when she hears of Claire's dissappearance the day after prom. She meets the Dawsons in the woods,where she finds trademarks of Jared Carrington, the guy she secetly had been following for 25 years. When James and Elisabeth are considering a move that is sure to result in Claire's death, Alyssa uses her superior status above James to convince them not to. When she goes to the Dawsons house afterwards, to say goodby to Jason and Seth, she sees Justin again in the driveway. Justin asks her about the night before, which she doesn't want to talk about. She tells him to forget the past 24 hours. As a result, he forgets about magic, which he just learned about, and his best friend being in a coma. Alyssa leaves town out of guilt of what happened to Claire.

Season TwoEdit

In Season Two Alyssa returns to the story when Liam shows up. She goes after him when she hears he is tasked to kill The Silverstones. Alyssa is there when Liam finds out he is Payton and Claire's half-brother, and she is furious of her mother for purposefully sending in Liam to kill them. Alyssa confronts her mother about this, but May bluntly lies, so Alyssa goes to verify with her aunt, Grace. Grace confirms that May had recently learned who Liam's father was.

When Payton tells Liam she doesn't want anything to do with him, Alyssa tries to persuade Payton to give her new sibling a chance. Alyssa relates to this situation having recently learned that her mother and father had another child, that was kept a secret from the entire world. When Payton rejects Liam, Alyssa talks to him and she later agrees to go with him to Portland, which is where Payton is going too. They buy a loft across the street from Payton.

In Portland Alyssa notices her mother has send spies to follow her who she takes down. She then travells to The Anconi Compound where she assasinates many prominent members of her mother's personal guard, threatening to reveal May's secrets if the guard doesn't stop following her.

For Thanksgiving, Alyssa attends a dinner at The Dawson House, where she gets a phonecall from Matt. He tells her that May has been going crazy in the aftermath of Alyssa's attack. He arrives at the west-coast and meets up with Alyssa. He convinces her to drink a potion under the false pretence that it will cover Alyssa's location. In reality the potion takes away many of Alyssa's human characteristics, and she turns into a vampire without humanity in front of her family and friends.

She leaves with Matt and the two of them cause trouble in the West, before Alyssa returns to Portland to eliminate Payton. Alyssa then severes the injury Payton already suffered of her leg, before Seth and Jason arrive in an attempt to stop her. She fights her two best friends, and then fires two arrows into them, laced with toxin. Claire then shows up with a gun, but she is unable to shoot it despite having clear aim of Alyssa.

With Seth and Jason weakened, Alyssa is able to flee. However it doesn't take long untill the rest of the Dawsons track her down. They then lock her down in the basement, and try all sorts of methods to make Alyssa regain her humanity. Then, Jason thinks of the idea to make her see humanity, and he calls in the one pure human he knows has a connection with Alyssa.

Upon seeing Justin, Alyssa initially acts calm and preserved, however when he gets injured the value of human life kicks in and Alyssa regains her humanity in the concern for Justin's welbeing. After some more rehabilitation, the plan works and Alyssa's humanity is restored. She then apologizes to Seth and Jason, who Claire has cured in the meantime.

Season ThreeEdit

In Season Three Alyssa returns after a brief abscence. She has decided to enroll in SJBS for the 2009-2010 school year. Upon her arrival she faces some difficulty with staying in control of her bloodlust. She hosts a Labor Day dinner/housewarming party at her new apartment downtown. She soon gets well known at the school, which comes with many admirers. Alyssa

After a while, Justin and Alyssa start a relationship.
Alyssa happy

When Justin's parents die, Alyssa tries her best to be there for him, and she puts everything else in her life aside to make sure Justin graduates.

Season FourEdit

Season FiveEdit

Alyssa opens the store with Claire. Alyssa gives birth to Damien.

Season SixEdit

Alyssa becomes leader of The Millers 2.0. On the annual Solar Eclipse of that year, September 1st, the ritual is performed to make Justin a rightfull part of the Miller throne.


Alyssa is far from your average vampire and that shows in her personality.  In constant conflict between her vampirism and her humanity, Alyssa goes back and forth a lot. Upon meeting her, Alyssa comes across as strong, determined but emotionally distant. She only showed real emotion around Jason and Seth, and puts distance in between herself and anyone else. Upon meeting Justin, Alyssa's personality shifts as her humanity finally seems to come out on top in a battle that has been raging inside her for the better part of the decade.

In an attempt to hide the feelings, Alyssa erases Justin's memories and focusses on Liam and Payton in Portland the next season. However her feelings follow her, to the point where she gets tricked into loosing her humanity. During this period she is cold and very malicious, even to her close friends. When she gets cured, Alyssa is consumed with guilt, but she gets convinced that humanity is worth it. After taking some time to gather herself, Alyssa decides to attend school in an effort to deal with humanity. This is where her feelings for Justin return, and after a while she decides to no longer fight them. She opens up to him, and the two of them eventually start a relationship.

Justin's love is the key to unlocking Alyssa's empathy, and shortly after she reconnects with Payton and Claire, and continues to make new friends. She actively fights temptation by Thomas to return to her old life, and she is able to deal with the death of Justin's parents in a very natural way. Over the next few years Alyssa's personality flourishes more, and she becomes caring, supportive and intuitive. Her fierce character still shows up, in a good way, when she fights for the lives of those she loves. In battle she expands skills in weapons, to avoid having to tap into a dark part of her.

In Season Six, Alyssa is forced to do this after all, when she dies and gets resurrected with human blood. Alyssa struggles with detox, as the simplicity of giving in to the darkness tempts her. However with the help of the people she loves she fights the darkness. She even embraces it in a way, and learns to use it as a good thing by being the leader of The Millers. Alyssa's strength is one of the qualitites that have her thrive as the Millers' leader, even if it means having to make hard decisions.


Alyssa is a 200 year old vampire with a pale complexion. In Season One and Season Two her hair is fairly short, shoulder-length. From Season Three onwards it's longer. During the timejump it is lighter and shorter again, but by Season Four and onwards she has let it grow out once more. She has picked up on some hairstyle ideas from Claire.

Her style is originally very much combat-ready. She wears a lot of black before attending SJBS, which is when her wardrobe adapts. She goes from military colors to wearing dresses. As a student in SJBS she tones down her make-up a bit, to appear 17 again.



Alyssa and Matt met at the Millers. They both had an important position there, causing them to meet frequently. At some point they turned their friendship into a sexual relationship. They have had an on-off relationship untill he used a magic spell to erase her humanity and she turned on him. Later on, they battle for the second Miller Throne. In the battle, Alyssa gets the upperhand but can not bring herself to killing Matt, instead chosing to offer him mercy instead as a bigger punishment. (see more : Alyssa and Matt)

Alyssa and Thomas met at the Millers. Thomas gathered information for Alyssa, mainly when she was not a part of the Millers at the time. At some point they turned their friendship into a sexual relationship, which was rivaled by her relationship with Matt. Ultimately Alyssa finds out he was also reporting her actions back to her mother, and he was a part of May's plan to destroy Alyssa's family, and so she told him she didn't want anything to do with him. (see more :Alyssa and Thomas)

Alyssa and Grayson had a brief romance, which became serious very quickly as Grayson had the intention of proposing to her. Later on, they maintain a working relationship and business partners and eventually also friends. (see more: Alyssa and Grayson)

Alyssa and Justin met at the Dawson house in 2008. Alyssa was originally sceptical about a human, and she tries to ignore him as much as she can. She ultimatly starts caring for him, and erases his memory of her several times for his own protection. Eventually Alyssa give up resisting and they get together during senior year. Alyssa is there for Justin when he goes through some hard times, and they end up settling in a little house to get the happy ending they both deserve. (see more : Alyssa and Justin)

Family Edit

Alyssa and May have had a troubled relationship from the start. When May got her hands on a fertility potion, she originally planned for Jason to be the father, but ultimatly she chose Jared. A few years later, May started to ignore Alyssa's needs as a child, treating her daughter like one of the other vampires in her army. A few years into adulthood, May forced Alyssa to become a full vampire because she didn't like the weaknesses Alyssa had while being a dhampire. Ultimatly, May drove Alyssa away when Alyssa left the Millers. She returned occasionally, but Alyssa no longer had a normal relationship with her mother. Alyssa once even comitted an attack on May and her powerfull vampire friends to prove the point that Alyssa no longer cared for her mother. Alyssa did not cry over the death of her mother, stating her mother died when she abandoned her at age 6. Alyssa takes over May's job as leader of The Millers, but destroys any pressence of her mother there. (see more : Alyssa and May)

Alyssa and Jared had only one normal father-daughter moment, when Jared came to visit Alyssa at the age of four. Other than that, Jared has found joy in ruining Alyssa's life on several occasions by either almost exposing her to the normal world, or by hurting someone she cares about, like kidnapping and torturing Claire or killing Justin's parents. Alyssa did not grieve over Jared's death, stating the only father figure she ever knew was James, not Jared. (see more : Alyssa and Jared)

Alyssa and Jade are close sisters even though they've only spend a few hours together in their entire life. Alyssa is Jade's liason in the Anconi, and provides her with usefull information. They share a common hate for both of their parents, May and Jared. (see more : Alyssa and Jade)

Alyssa and Liam are cousins, who lived together for a while in Portland. Alyssa has always tried to protect him from doing stupid things, but she hasn't always been successfull. The two had a good friendship. Alyssa still kept an eye on Liam as he was banished from Waterfall Creek by his sisters, and she has supported him when he became a human. Alyssa also frequently visits him when he's a new father. (see more : Alyssa and Liam)




Alyssa and Jason are technically uncle and niece, but they are more so best friends. (see more : Alyssa and Jason)

Alyssa and Jason are best friends and former classmates at SJBS. (see more : Alyssa and Seth)

Alyssa and Claire are close friends and collegues (see more : Alyssa and Claire)

Alyssa and Payton are close friends and family. Alyssa is the godmother of Payton's oldest daughter, Alena. (see more :Alyssa and Payton)

Alyssa has a good relationship with the Dawsons, aside from a troubled relationship with Alyson and Dylan.


Alyssa went back and forth between her mom's group and the Dawsons , but she prefered the Dawsons more despite of the trouble. Dylan originally is upset aswell that Alyssa didn't save his little brother Geoffrey. Later he changes two people himself : Lauren and Nate. This causes Dylan to show sympathy to Alyssa's decesion. This brings Alyssa's sire line to a total of 4 vampires, excluding her own children. Alyssa has been through detox a total of 9 times.

1813-1834 : Dhampire

1834-1856 : Type B (new vampire - 22 years) 

1856-1862 : Type A (1st detox- lasted 6 years)

  • Alyssa considered feeding on animals after meeting Jason and Seth

1862-1863 : Type B (10 months - June to March) 

1863-1871 : Type A (2nd detox - lasted almost 8 years)

1871-1871 : Type B (3 months - Febr to April) 

1871-1880 : Type A (3nd detox - lasted almost 9 years)

1880-1884 : Type B (4 years months - August - October) 

1884-1886 : Type A (4th detox - lasted 2 years)

1886-1888 : Type B (23 months - April to March) 

1888-1916 : Type A (5th detox - lasted 28 years)

  • Alyssa left the Dawsons after the fight with Alyson, and has remained Type-A vampire to prove Alyson was wrong in calling her a monster. 

1916-1916 : Type B (5 months - July to December)

1916-1942 : Type A (6th detox - lasted 26 years)

1942-1955 : Type B (13 years - February to June)

1955-2009 : Type A (7th detox - lasted 54 years)

  • Alyssa looked for her biological father, Jared Carrington from the 1980's. Despite working with Matt on this, she maintains her diet because she knows human blood will distract her from her search. This was the longest time she has ever been on human blood without missteps.

2009-2009 : Type B (July 2009)

  • Matt takes away Alyssa's humanity

2009-2016 : Type A (9th detox - 7 years)

2016-2016 : Type B (June 2016)

  • Refuses to detox after being resurrected by human blood

2016-........ : Type A (10 detox -

  • Alyssa rather detoxes instead of continuing feeding on Justin


Like some other vampires , Alyssa also has supernatural powers , but unlike those other vampires she was born with it. As a consequence to her being conveived by a magic potion, she showed signs of magic from when she was still unborn. Her mother, May Miller , showed to have a wider range in the Miller-amnesia power she had granted herself with. This is believed to be Alyssa's cause.

However , Alyssa discovers on her own that her powers are bigger than the Miller-amnesia.

  • Power duplication : Alyssa can duplicate someone else's powers when she has a close relationship to them. Fysical contact helps , but is not mandetory. Whenever Alyssa uses memory controll , she uses both her duplication-power to enhance her natural power of memory-controll. She has also used it with Payton's healing , Claire's mindreading and Jason's former pyrokinesis.
  • Memory-controll : Like all Miller females , Alyssa can controll memories. She can manipulate them in a way that the person won't remember their presence in the memory , or simply erase them and creating a blank in the person's memory. She is known to have done this to Justin multiple times.


Alyssa is (according to Jade) the most skillfull vampire in weapons she has ever encountered. She learned to shoot with a crossbow at the age of 6, moving on to bow and arrow at 10. She has excellent precision at knife-throwing and she can shoot like the best trained snipers. She always carries a small gun on her, and usually has a 22. somewhere near her.

Alyssa also has a talent for business and leadership. She co-owns 2 businesses : The club and Claire's store. She also rules the Millers, and does so very gracefully.


  • Angel With a Shotgun
  • That girl is a problem
  • Bad Sometimes


  • Alyssa is the most powerfull vampire in terms of political power. She is second most powerfull in terms of physical power. This puts her amongst one of the more powerfull characters in the story overall.
  • Alyssa has a connection to all 4 of her mother's boyfriends:
    • She has biological connections to Jared as her father and Jason as her uncle.
    • She hooked up with Thomas several times and had an on-off sexual-based relationship with Matt
  • Alyssa has had the most romantic linked partners
    • Justin is her current long-time boyfriend and the father of her children.
    • Thomas was one of her more notable hook-ups
    • Matt was her partner in crime and they had an on-off sexual relationship.
    • She was the mistress of Grayson Fitzgerald for a few months
    • She dated one of the jocks in Season Three for a brief time.
  • Alyssa has died 2 times.
    • The first time was to complete her transition to being a vampire
    • The second time she died due to the Miller linking genocide, but she came back to life with the ring.
      • In the second time she miscarried a pregnancy of 10 weeks.
  • Alyssa has shares in four major businesses
    • Decade (20% share)
    • Claire's Store (40% share)
    • The Miller Motel (75% share)
    • Pressed On (5% share)