Alyssa, Jason and Seth
Nickname Jalysseth
The Unholy Trinity
Intimacy level Best friends
Species Vampires
First met Unknown
Duration 1830's - current
Status N/A

Alyssa, Jason and Seth are three vampires and best friends in Touch of Magic. Their friendship has been existing for several decades and is rock solid, despite Alyssa's connection prohibiting them from spending an extreme amount of time together. They are often referred to as The Unholy Trinity by other members of The Dawsons and some aquintances.

For their internal relationships, see Alyssa and Seth, Alyssa and Jason and Jason and Seth.


Alyssa, Jason and Seth became friends in the 1830's, after Alyssa met the Dawsons while travelling the country. Alyssa waited several years to disclose her connection to The Millers, by which time Jason and Seth have started considering her as a friend and ally, leaving them indiferent to this reveal.

Season OneEdit

Alyssa is first mentioned in Season One as Seth and Jason's friend, and it's revealed that Alyssa provided the Dawsons, mainly Jason and Seth, with the file on Andrei Dobremov. It is also shown that she has a rivalry with Alyson, who does not oppose the idea that Alyssa might be responsible for the body they found. This suspicion gets overthrown when Seth and Jason discover Andrei and Lincoln, a classmate, were working together to spy and eventually attack the Silverstones. Jason and Seth cleared Alyssa's name, and thanked her for her help with the file.

She is again brought up shortly after, having send over a birthday present for Jason, showing they know eachother very well when she gets him a rare edition of a book he likes. She apologizes for not being there.

Seth and Jason briefly consider tracking Alyssa and joining her when they are forced out of town by Payton, but trouble with Lauren and Nate forces them to stay, and eventually they choose to continue attending SJBS.

Alyssa informs Seth and Jason of the impendind attack of The Travellers, giving the alliance between the Dawsons and the Silverstones an advantage. However the fight is still a equal match, and Alyssa eventually arrives just in town to provide assistance. When three members of the travellers are able to escape, she ensures she will go after them. Jason and Seth both ask her to stay around, but she chooses not to because of Alyson and Dylan. Later, Seth explains his relationship with Alyssa to Claire.

The three of them stay in touch while Alyssa travels the country, hunting down the remaining travellers despite orders from her mother not to. She tracks them down in Paris, which is where Payton, Jason and Seth travel to. However Paris turns out to be a trap, set up by Aria Woods to capture Alyssa for breaking the rules. Seth goes after the anconi trackers who have taken Alyssa and is able to convince them to drop the charges, while Jason (along with Payton) fight Aria.

When they're finished in Paris, Alyssa talks to Jason about his feelings for Payton, and her conflicted feelings about Jason, Seth and the witches peak through. Alyssa feels betrayed because of Seth and Jason's plans to choose several decades with two witches over their plans to travel the world together.

These feelings return when she arrives late June, joining in on prom with Seth, Jason but also Claire, Payton and their human friends. Alyssa is anything but pleased about not being able to have fun (as a vampire) and dismisses the relationship of Claire and Seth and Jason and Payton. However when Claire gets missing, Alyssa recognizes the concern Seth shows for his girlfriend, and Jason convinces Alyssa into helping out. Reluctant at first, she gets forced to when she finds out Jared of all people is behind the abduction.

Alyssa overrules Jason's idea, stating he is blinded by his connection to the witches. Alyssa's call ultimately saves Claire, and she wishes Seth and Jason the best of luck in their relationships. When Alyssa leaves again, she is on better terms with the two of them, but that quickly dies away when Alyssa's actions cause Justin, Seth and Claire's friend, to loose their memories.

Season TwoEdit

Seth is shown anry at Alyssa when he finds out what she did to Justin, but calls her anyways when a vampire from the Millers tries to attack them. Alyssa arrives at the scene and recognizes Liam. When Liam reveals he is Grace's son, Alyssa protects him from Jason's plan to kill him. When it is revealed he is not only Alyssa's cousin, but also Payton and Claire's half-brother, Alyssa takes Liam with her to Portland to protect him. Jason disagrees with this, whereas Seth tries to stay neutral on the matter, much like Claire.

Jason meets with Alyssa in Portland, trying to convince her to drop Liam, but Alyssa pushes back and tells Jason to convince Payton to drop her daddy issues instead. This conversation indirectly leads to the break-up between Payton and Jason, which Alyssa feels guilty for. She goes to Seth to try to explain things, which is when she learns Seth is transitioning.

Alyssa tries to comfort Claire and Payton in the abscence of both their boyfriends, the latter who she agrees to train to work out her anger towards vampires. Alyssa ultimately enables for Liam and Payton to come closer together, and updates Jason about these developments, as she assists him with his secret transition.Seth eventually finds out about Jason's transition and tries to convince him to tell James. However Jason waits too long to do this, and he almost fatally looses control. Jason then gets taken to the Dawson house and locked up to finish the rest of his transition.

However Alyssa also strugles with the situation, as she realizes she is really going to be left behind by her two best friends. When Seth arrives back home, having finished transition, he notices Alyssa is off however he is distracted by his reunion with Claire in January 2009. When Jason finally finishes transition, he proposes a week-long hunting trip to ensure that Alyssa is still important to the two of them. Seth bails on this trip because he returns to school, making it a Jason and Alyssa trip only.

On this trip Jason thanks Alyssa for guiding Payton into a safe direction with wanting to fight vampires, and mending things between Liam and Payton. Alyssa replies saying she wished she could do the same thing for him and Payton, but Jason realizes that is up to himself.

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