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Alyson and Dylan
Nickname Dyson
Intimacy level Married
Species Vampires
First met Unknown
Duration 1885 - current
Status N/A

This is the relationship between Alyson McKenzie and Dylan McKenzie. They reside together at the McKenzie Beachhouse where they raise their (foster)-children Aylin McKenzie, Jay McKenzie, Macy McKenzie.


Alyson and Dylan first met eachother after they were the only survivors of a plane crash. They were both severely injured and after they were found by the Dawsons they were turned by Alyssa. Before they became romantically involved with eachother they had to start living with the fact that they were newborn vampires. As they both struggled with the bloodthurst and other aspect of vampirism they started bonding. And after half a year they started noticing that they felt something for eachother. Passionate as Alyson was this soon became a heated relationship. Which could make the other Dawsons a little bit uncomfortable at sometimes. 

Around halfway the 20th century she and Dylan moved into an appartment in Chicago in an attempt to have a normal life. Dylan started working as a firemen. In the late 70's Alyson and Dylan stayed in Europe for a while , with friends in Sweden. They also spend some time in Japan and Canada before buying an appartment in Paris and living there. In the early 21st century they join the Dawson family again and move back to Waterfall Creek, the town they lived before moving to Chicago.

After they moved back and met the Silverstone sisters they decided that it was time to seal their love forever. Dylan finally proposed to Alyson and the year after that they spend preparing for their big beach wedding. They got married at the beachhouse with friends and family and settled in Waterfall Creek in another attempt on a normal life. And for Aly that included one thing: a baby. The couple decided to adopt with fresh, new legal documents which they plan on keeping. Finally they adopted a 5 year old asian girl and named her Aylin.

Adopting seemed to be the right thing for them as it came naturally. They loved Aylin so much and they thought it might be a good idea to start adopting more children. Or at least function as a foster family for them. Because they couldn't give a life to a child of their own, they decided that they wanted to be able to give other children a life. So over the years they had lots of different foster kids. Some stayed longer than the others, but they always had a good home with Alyson and Dylan. 


  • Rest of my life - Bruno Mars



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