The Agreement of Dawn is an agreement made by all major families and is 'as old as Dawn', meaning very old in magical terms. It is kept in Magicschool, under safe protection.


Within the Agreement several matters were stated :

  • The Magical Dimension will be divided into several constituent regions, falling under the protection of a worthy magical family.
    • Solos will include the old regions of the Highlands and the Narrow. It will fall under the rule of the Ambroise family.
    • Sanguis
    • Divitia
    • Aerqua
    • Slivatica
    • Amertas
    • Tenebris
  • No region of the magicacl dimension shall ever inflict war with another. If so where to happen, all family members of the bloodline would be stripped of their powers and priviliges, including removal from the Elders
  • Magicschool shall be located in Divitia and therefore supervised by members of the Silverstone bloodline

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