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• 10/17/2015

And we'll never be Royals...

Summary : After defeating May , the family continues there lives as parents ,to twins who become one year old , sisters , when Liam and Payton reconsile , and leaders of vampire groups, as Alyssa slowly recovers from her detox and plans how she is going to handle the Millers. But just for now , Jason will have to be the one listening to Matt's complaining , along with managing the Club and his brother-in-law. All while Jade tries to keep them out of the magical spotlight.

TIMELINE : This part of the story follows the dates of 2014. 

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• 2/2/2014

Seth ; "Yes , put them at the head by the window. I will bring their cakes in a minute." I then took the plates and placed them on the diner table. "Okay so... everyone who wants can have cake , there is plenty of it." 

Payton ; As i got down the stairs I walked straight to the dining room , and i slid AJ in his chair. "You get your piece in a minute , okay." I then turned around to grab Alena and sat her on my lap as i took a seat and a plate. "That looks delicious... Is it chocolate ?"

Justin ; I walked over to the dining room along with Mila and placed our present , which was wrapped in a little box , on the presents-table , at the same time Elisabeth did. I smiled at her and then turned around , to look at the cake. "Wauw , that's a big cake."

• 2/3/2014

1.     Claire: I put the twins in their seats and smiled. "Look that's you birthday cake, do you like it?" I then sat down at the table myself and looked at Justin. "Yeah It's a big cake, but I wanted to spoil them a bit." I looked at my sister and laughed. "Yeah, the one you told me you liked the last time. It is one of the best cakes I have ever eaten.' 

Payton; "Well in that case , go ahead and cut it already..." I laughed and took a plate. 

Seth ; "Alright , alright." I took the cutting knife from the kitchen and walked over to Alexis. "Okay Lexi , i'm going to need your assistance." I took her little hand under mine and slid the knife through the cake. "Well done , Alexis. Okay , now mommy and your sister can cut the other piece. Claire , you can have the piece then..." 

Mila ; I took out my camera and took pictures , after which i checked them on the screen. "I'll send you these pictures, Claire. It's really adorable." 

Claire: I grinned at Seth and said: "Okay let's go Amanda, we can do this." I cut the cake with her and smiled when we had a piece. "Good job." I then placed the piece on a plate and looked at Mila. "Oowh yes please, I want to make a photoalbum of there first birthday." I looked at all the people here and smiled. This were friends and family and I loved them. "Thank you all for being here today."  

Mila ; I smiled and looked at the twins. "I wouldn't want to miss this. It feels like I do nothing but go to birthday parties these days , but that's just fine..." I smiled and then looked at the cake. "I want a piece to." 

Seth ; "Coming up.." I cut the cake into segments and distributed it untill everyone had a piece , and both Amanda and Alexis had their own little cakes. 

Claire: "Well I know you sit at home all day, isn't there anything you can do to keep busy?" I smiled and tasted the cake. It was so good. I looked at Amanda and Alexis who where playing with their cakes and stuffing their faces. It was adorable. "Mila can you take a picture of that too?"  

Mila ; "I have my ways of entertaining myself. Unless that is a job offer , that you are giving me..." I took some more pictures and smiled. I then took a plate and ate some cake. "Hmm , this is delicious."  

Payton ; "Indeed. I could eat this all day." I gave both Alena and Aj some and smiled. "You like it , Aj ?" 

Claire: "Well I kinda need some help at the store, and you always wanted to help out when we were in school, so I figured you maybe want to work with me at the store." I smiled at het and nodded. Yes I think this was a job offer. I needed help and she needen to do something with her time.   

• 2/3/2014

Mila ; I smiled and nodded. "As in... payed ?" I laughed when i saw her face. "I was just joking. Don't worry , i loved helping you as much as i did the past little while. But it'd be nice to be able to do it as an actual job. Although I need to arrange some stuff with the government first... But if you're serious..." I also looked at Justin for a bit , since he knew if Claire would be able to even pay me.

• 2/3/2014

Claire: "Well yes as in a payed job. If I can afford it of course, but Lynn doesn't work at the store anymore and alyssa is out of business for a while, so I think that won't be a problem." I wouldn't even think about not paying her for her help. 

• 2/3/2014

Mila ; I smiled and nodded. "Deal. Although , I will call Lynn about it , if you don't mind. I want her to be okay with this , I don't want her to feel like i'm stealing her job , or something..."

Payton ; When i heared Lynn I bit my lip , as my mind rushed to Mike in a slipt second , and for a moment the idea of being together with the whole family overwhelmed me a bit. "Excuse me.." I stood up and sat Alena on the chair , after which I walked into the sunroom down  to the deck where I sat on the little brick wall.

• 2/4/2014

Claire: I nodded and said: "Yes of course I get that. But she quit the job herself, so I wouldn't be too worried about it." I never thought Lynn would come back to the shop. Not that we did not like each other. Working together just didn't work out. 

Jason: I looked at Payton who walked out and then looked back at the others. "I'll be back in a minute." I walked towards Patron and sat down beside her. "What's wrong?" 

Payton ; I looked up and shook my head. "Jason , it's chilly out here , she's not dressed for that. I'm fine , I just needed some fresh air. Take her back inside , okay."

Jason: "Owh yeah sure, I hadn't thought of that." I looked at her one more time and sighed. I did not know what was wrong with her, but I knew something was up. I walked back inside and looked at all of the people. 

Liam: I looked at Jason and said: "Let me talk to her." I walked towards Payton and sat down beside her. "Hey sis, everything okay? I know you maybe want to be alone, but I just want to make sure everything is okay." Jason didn't seem to be the person she wanted to talk to right now. 

• 2/4/2014

Payton ; I looked aside and smiled. "Really ?" It wasn't a 'Really ,why do you bother me' , more of a 'Really , are you sure you want to ask me that and don't call me sis-really' I sighted and shook my head. "I just need a moment. Hearing Mila and Claire talk about Lynn..." If he had a brain he'd know why i found that upsetting.

• 2/5/2014

Liam: "Your upset about Mike and his mother. I get that." I smiled at her and then shook my head. "Look I know her death is still fresh and that it hurts, but it is best for her. She doesn't have any pain anymore and she was lucky that so many people were there who she cared about. But it is still hard and that is understandable." 

Payton ; I looked aside , whiping a tear away , when i realized something. "Miss Creeton was like a mother to me , but..." I was almost to afraid to say it. "Liam ,i'm sorry about Grace. Your mother." And he was saying this to me , while i was the reason his mother died. I bit my lip and looked at him. And being an empath magnified it , but i could feel a rush of pain when i said that. "I'm so sorry..." I whispered , and i hugged him. "I didn't realize.... And i'm here being upset because Mrs. Creeton died and Mike is not here and you...." I looked at him again and whiped another tear. I saw he didn't want to talk about it though... "It's just... He has never missed a family gathering like this. He usually is so great with the kids... AJ loves to play with him , and.. and it's hard." I sighted deeply and looked up again. 

Liam: I hugged her for a moment and shook my head. "dont apologize. You had to do that and I know it. Yes it hurts, but she wasn't really a mother to me like Mrs. Creeton was. Don't feel guilty okay?" I looked at her and nodded. "and I am sure mike will be here the next time someones birthday comes up. He just needs some time." I smiled at her and took her hand. "you'll manage I know that. Your the strongest person I have ever met." 

Payton ; I smiled at him and nodded. "I'll be fine. As long as I have my big brother with me." I laughed and looked at him. I hadn't called him like that in a while. "Thank you. I dont know but i couldnt talk to Jason about it this way. He gets tensed whenever i mention anything about the miller sistsers and he wouldnt be able to promise me Mike will be here next time. He wouldnt take the risk of that promise perhaps not being kept."

Liam: "Well i get Jason too. He still does have some history with May and honestly I wouldn't know how I would feel. But I know Mike a little bit and I can tell you that I know that he is thinking of you and everybody here too." I smiled and said: "But big brother? You haven't called me that in a very long time. Does that mean we are kind of back to being a real brother and sister?" 

Payton ; "I dont think real is a word you can use. Real siblings do not grow up in eachother's enemies' houses. But you are my brother ,yes. I... I accept you , if that is what you want to hear. I love you , that has never stopped ever since you helped me in Portland. I was just hurt by your actions and it was overschadowed by my anger. But i forgive you."

Liam: "I am glad to hear that. And me becoming human has opened my eyes. For the first time I saw who my real family was. And I know I have hurt so many people and I am sorry for it. If I could take all of that back I would. I would never have hurt Mila for example. I never would have left you and Claire. And I certainly would not have helped my mother. I see that now. So it means a lot to me to hear you say that you accept me."

• 2/5/2014

Payton ; "Family is a luxury , in our lives. So we just need to treasue every little bit of it." I looked up and noticed only now that Jason was standing outside , probably more then able to hear everything. "Maybe you should keep that in mind... Since you're neglecting your girlfriend right at this moment." I smiled and pushed him playfully. "Go , you should be with her. I'll be fine , i'm coming inside in just a few seconds."

• 2/6/2014

Liam : I smiled at her and said: "Well thank you for the talk. I appreciate it." I stood up and looked at Jason. I then walked back inside and sat down next to Chloe. "So how is everything here? Is everybody nice to you?" 

Jason: I looked at Payton and smiled. "You must be the best sister ever so you know that? He really has changed and that is also because of you and Claire. I love you." 

Payton ; "I don't know what it is... We just need eachother equally." I looked at him and sighted. "He is one of the main reasons i'm still here. He saved me from myself , in Portland. He made me a better person , and now i try to do the same to him. And it seems to be working. He has a job , a relationship , he is getting some closure with Mila..."  Chloë ; "Ofcourse , your family is amazing. I offered Claire to do the dishes , but she didn't want to. They don't want me to do anything , as their guest..."  Seth ; I overheared Chloë and jumped in. "Blame it on the age. Most of us come from a time where he treated our guests like that ,it's just a habbit." Not that i had had one guest in the cabin i lived in as a kid , but i learned from James and Elisabeth. "But you can always play with our birthday girls. They're at the piano , or so i hear." Jason: "Thats a really good thing. And he was a good person once, so he van become that person again. He just needed some help and guidance. I think he is doing fine at the moment. They seem happy together and it looks like he really does care for Chloe." 

Liam: I nodded at her and said: "Yeah go on. I know you want to." She was just as good with kids as her sister was and I liked it. I thought it was so sweet when she played with one of the little ones.  

Chloe ; I smiled and got up. I walked over to the little girls and sat next to them. "Hi alexis. Hi amanda. Remember me ?" My heart melted when amamda smiled and walked to me. "Yeah , hi. What are you doing with the piano sweetie? You want this ?" I sat her on my leg and played twinkle twinkle. "Twinkel Winkel little star. How i wonder what you are." 

Payton ; "Hè better. I will kill him if he hurts her. This is his final chance." I then heared the piano and frowned. "Who is playing ? Nobody in our family plays like that." 

Jason: I looked up and frowned a little bit surprised. "She is really good." I then looked back at Payton and said: "Let's go back inside okay?" I wanted to see her play. People who played piano just facinated me. 

Liam: I looked up when I heard Chloe play and smiled. She was good. I enjoyed watching her with Amanda. I did not even know that she could play piano. I didn't even know that much about her and that wasn't such a good thing. 

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